Publication Date: April 02, 2009

Clarifacts’ New Package Coincides with National Volunteer Month in April…

Clarifacts, a Phoenix-based employment screening company, is offering a special package for volunteer background checks throughout the month of April. The package is available to 501c3 organizations and includes a social security trace, county criminal record search, sex offender registry search and USA criminal search for only $15.

“In these tough economic times, non-profit organizations are relying heavily on volunteers to supplement and support their paid workforce,” said Kevin Klimas, president and founder of Clarifacts. “Given the important role volunteers play, and the interaction they often have with clients, organizations should always consider including them in the background screening process.”

HomeBase Youth Services, a Valley non-profit organization serving homeless youth and Clarifacts client since 2002, conducts a thorough background check on its volunteers to check for signs that a person may or may not be a good fit and to ensure the safety of the youth within its care.

“Our volunteers have a significant amount of interaction with the young people we serve, including working with them one-on-one in mentoring situations and on the streets through our street outreach program,” said Rachel Dallmann, volunteer coordinator for HomeBase Youth Services. “We need to know that these individuals have a clean record before we allow them to interact with our clients and before we place them in the community as our representatives.”

In honor of National Volunteer Month, which began in 1974 as an annual celebration of volunteerism, Clarifacts also is waiving the $125 new client set up fee for non-profit organizations looking to screen volunteer workers. Organizations interested in learning more about background screening can contact Clarifacts at 602-258-8858.

About Clarifacts Inc.
Clarifacts is a privately held corporation focused exclusively on employment screening services. Clarifacts provides nationwide service across a variety of industries including healthcare, staffing, financial, call centers and non-profit just to name a few. Clarifacts operates in strict compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and is insured, bonded and licensed as an Arizona Private Investigations Agency. Please visit for more information.

Please Note: Information and resources provided by Clarifacts are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as, or a substitute for, legal advice. Employers should consult legal counsel about their specific compliance responsibilities under federal, state and local laws and any other applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

About the Author

Kevin Kilmas

Kevin Klimas

Kevin Klimas is the president and founder of Clarifacts, an employment background screening company serving conscientious clients for nearly 20 years. As a founding member and former board member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), Kevin is outspoken about screening the right way. In fact, he speaks on this topic at HR conferences and in various media outlets, sharing his enthusiasm for helping others understand all things background checks. Kevin is a member of SHRM and holds a Fair Credit Report Act Advanced Certification from PBSA. He has a Bachelor of Science in criminology and criminal justice from Arizona State University (Forks Up!) and has nearly completed his quest to visit every Major League ballpark

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