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We take a helpful guide approach to the Clarifacts Industry Insights blog, answering questions we often get from HR professionals. Here you will find in-depth articles on criminal records to help navigate everything from federal crimes to misdemeanors. And we also offer practical tips for things like screening volunteers and employment verifications.

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Credit Report Restrictions

Use of Credit Reports Becoming Restricted

There seems to be a lot of chatter about how reviewing someone’s credit report as part of the background screening …

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Background Screening
Social Media

Should Social Media Be Used As A Recruiting And Screening Tool?

It’s an enticing notion to be able to peek into an applicant’s personal life and secretly find out who they …

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Background Screening
Diploma Mills

Diploma Mills: A Growing Liability for Employers

Ah, the beginning of summer. A time when baseball season is in full swing, swimming pools open and, of course, …

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Education Verification
Hiring Risks

3 Hiring Risks Employers Are Overlooking

Unless you have been living under a gigantic rock for the past year or two, it’s safe to say that …

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Background Screening
HR Profession Got Riskier

The Human Resources Profession Just Got Riskier

If it wasn’t already tough enough being a human resource professional, the stakes may be going way up. In a …

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Identity Theft

Protecting Employees from Identity Theft

What can employers do to help protect their employees from becoming victims of identity theft? Given the fact that other …

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Social security cards demonstrating a social security trace from Clarifacts

Conducting a Social Security Trace – The First Step in a Comprehensive Background Check

A social security trace is an essential part of any comprehensive background check as it provides critical information on an …

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