Clarifacts is an employment background screening company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona providing employee background checks and drug testing services to clients nationwide. We partner with mid-to-large-size organizations who value the diligence necessary for thorough, accurate employment background checks.

Criminal Records

We find things others might miss. Feel confident you’re getting the most thorough, accurate and up-to-date information.

Drug Testing

Streamline employment drug testing for a fast, reliable process that you can integrate into your pre-employment screening program.

Form I-9/E-Verify

Confirm your applicant’s legal right to work for a legally compliant employment background check.

SSN Trace

The cornerstone of every criminal record search. More valuable, in-depth criminal record checks.

Driving Records

Minimize your exposure to a lawsuit due to an accident. Verify the validity of your applicant’s driver’s license.

Verification and Reference

Uncover unexplained gaps in employment and undesirable behaviors in your applicant’s work history.

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Background Screening Insights

Tune Up Your Hiring Process with Driving Record Reports

Clarifacts may have recently celebrated our 16th birthday, but that doesn’t mean we’re inexperienced behind the wheel.  Since 2001, we’ve helped our clients avoid a lot of potholes by providing them with essential driving record reports (also known as a motor vehicle records, or MVR) to give them the background information they need to appropriately […]


Where the $%!# is the Background Check Report?

“How long does the background check take to complete?” This is no doubt one of the top 3 questions we hear from HR professionals; and for good reason. The background check is usually one of the last pieces of what can be a long, and possibly even painful, hiring process. Not to mention the incessant […]

Compliance and Regulations

FCRA Requirements: 4 Steps Employers Must Follow to Stay in Compliance

When you receive the Consumer Report from your background screening company, also called a consumer reporting agency (CRA), do you know what your next step is legally if you don’t plan to hire the applicant? Look no further than the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for guidance on this issue. The FCRA regulates the collection, distribution […]