Why You Should Make the Switch to Clarifacts

We know that switching background check providers is no easy feat. So why work with us? For the same reason so many other organizations have—we care about getting your screening and service right.

You want a company that listens.

We’re problem-solvers. We spend time listening to you, so we can design a screening program that not only fits your needs, but also makes your process better. And if you need us, we’re right here to help with everything from quick questions to program tweaks.

You need a true specialist.

Background screening is all that we do. When you work with Clarifacts, you get a team who has spent years devising custom pre-employment screening solutions for HR departments across a variety of industries. 

You must stay compliant.

We may not be as big as the other guys, but we have access to the same compliance attorneys and resources. The result—you get all the knowledge combined with a uniquely nimble team that can help you quickly make the necessary adjustments to your screening program.

You don’t want to be locked into a program.

Your needs may change over time. And that’s ok! In fact, flexibility is built into our DNA. Our customized background screening programs and easy-to-use SecureConnect platform can be quickly updated or reconfigured to support your HR team’s priorities.

Backed By Smart Technology

SecureConnect is Clarifacts’ all-in-one employee background check, drug test ordering, applicant portal and compliance assistance platform. We’ll help you customize the configurations to your preferences, and we can integrate with many ATS/HRIS systems for added convenience.

Our Platform

Clarifacts Dashboard
"HOW amazing you guys are! Really the customer service is what it is all about. You can just pick up the phone and get an answer. I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of hours for an answer."
Leslie H.
"Every time I’m ever asked about doing it in-house or switching, it isn’t even worth it. In our crazy world, it’s a relief knowing that if I have an issue or an employee who can’t get to a drug testing site. I don’t have to spend time on it and learn – saves me so much time, it is amazing."
Dorri C.
"If anything comes up and we have to change something, they work out a fix. We are never left wondering about anything. They make it happen one way or another, whatever the situation may be."
Adrienne D.

Working with Us Is Easy

Every organization we work with enjoys a one-on-one, consultative approach. The result—a completely individualized set of screening recommendations designed to make your team’s job easier.

Tell us about your business
We’ll take the time to learn about your company, your hiring process and what matters to you.
We’ll create a custom program
Our team will develop a compliant, efficient background screening program that is easy to use and saves you time.
Onboard with Clarifacts
We’ll give your team hands-on training for ordering using our technology platform, including configurations designed just for you.

Get Started with Clarifacts

One conversation and you’ll see why so many HR leaders make the switch to Clarifacts.

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