Background Checks for
Specific Industries

Clarifacts serves a wide variety of industries. But some require a more specialized approach – and experience – for
pre-employment background checks. Explore how we help these industries develop customized
screening programs while saving valuable time and resources.

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From criminal records to professional licensing verification and OIG searches, Clarifacts can help your healthcare organization protect your reputation and your clients with position-specific screening programs.

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From employees to volunteers, Clarifacts’ detailed background screening programs for nonprofits will take care of time-consuming background checks while you focus on your organization’s mission.

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Banking & Finance

Client trust is everything for financial institutions. That’s why you can rely on Clarifacts to provide the background information needed to make confident hiring decisions that align with FDIC, NCUS, the SAFE Act and OFAC.

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Information Technology

When access to sensitive data and information is part of the job, your organization can rest easy with Clarifacts working behind the scenes to thoroughly vet candidates’ experience and certifications.

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Home & Commercial Services

For home and commercial services providers, Clarifacts delivers comprehensive background checks and driving records to help you protect your business and your clients.

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Background Check Services That Deliver Every Time

Let Clarifacts create a custom pre-employment screening program
for you from our suite of services.

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