Put Our Technology
to Work for You

SecureConnect is our cloud-based, all-in-one employee background
check platform that makes screening easy. Our clients have access to SecureConnect
through a single log-in system available 24/7/365, from the convenience of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

But technology is only good if it works the way you need it to…whether that’s
customizing system configurations, utilizing the Applicant Portal or integrating with your ATS/HRIS.

Technology Built Around You

Configured just for you.

Extensive configuration options help you save time and money, all while creating a great user experience for your team and applicants.

Built-in compliance assistance.

Compliance documents are intuitively incorporated within the system and are initiated based on federal, state and local laws, as well as specific background check component requirements.

Save time and resources.

Our Applicant Portal saves your HR team time and hassle. It is easy to use, compliant, paperless and can be branded for your company.

Customized for You

You can design the Clarifacts SecureConnect platform to meet your needs and
fit seamlessly with your screening program. Here are some examples of how
we can customize SecureConnect for you:

  • Generate automatic email notifications at key points throughout the process, including order submission confirmations, updates, report completion and more.
  • Keep the screening process moving by receiving important messages alerting you to vital next steps and necessary actions.
  • The customizable homepage saves time by allowing you to put preferred ordering options, reports, status updates, forms, and more front and center.
  • Organize invoices to suit your needs including custom labels based on location, department or job position, for example.
  • Control user’s system settings based on their roles and responsibilities – ordering options, viewing results, reporting restrictions and administrative rights, among others.
  • Enterprises with various business lines can keep all screening programs on one secure platform with one account by creating sub-accounts with the same dynamic features.
Clarifacts Dashboard

Applicant Portal

Our integrated Applicant Portal is easy to use, compliant, paperless and can be branded for your company. Simply send a secure invitation to your applicant via email or text message to provide the required background information, automatically receive compliance documents and electronically sign mandatory authorization forms utilizing the mouse and touchscreen signature functionality.

ATS/HRIS Integrations

Clarifacts SecureConnect integrates with many Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Resource Information Systems making it seamless with your internal HR systems.

Compliance Assistance

Compliance assistance is right at your fingertips with intuitive documents generated based on regulations and requirements. To ensure consistent ordering, custom packages can be created, labeled and organized based on your specific needs such as job title/type, department, location, etc. You can also send a copy of the report to the applicant when required by state law and requested by the applicant.

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