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Education Verification Services

Make sure you’re investing in the right candidates before you hire them. Our education verification services help you confirm an applicant’s full academic history, including GEDs, high school diplomas and college degrees. With education playing such a vital role in today’s workforce, verifying an applicant’s education should be a crucial step in your pre-employment background screening program.

Clarifacts Has Your Back

Save time with quick results.

Trust Clarifacts with the often time-consuming task of tracking down a candidate’s entire education background.

Confirm applicant-supplied information.

Confirm the validity of the information your applicants provide, including the highest level of education received and important dates.

Make informed hiring decisions.

Get all the facts so you can hire the most qualified candidates.

Accurate Education Verifications

Don’t rely on details provided by applicants. Education verification reports from
Clarifacts include dates of attendance, major course of study, diploma/degree received and date awarded, where available.

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We’re Invested in Your Business

Quite simply, Clarifacts is a company that cares about your business. Our education verification services are thorough and quick, saving you hours of time and hassle. And if you need us, our US-based team is just a phone call away.

  • Customizable Platform
  • Detailed Results Reporting
  • Responsive Service Team
  • Fast, Flexible, Focused

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