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Build your team with confidence with Clarifacts’ thorough criminal background screening services. Having important facts at hand empowers you to make fair, informed hiring decisions that minimize risk and build trust with your clients and employees.

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Safeguard your employees and your assets.

Protect your company’s most valuable resources, especially your people.

Preserve your company’s reputation.

Continue to build trust with your clients by hiring staff who have been thoroughly screened.

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Get all the facts so you can hire candidates fairly and confidently.

Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks

County Criminal Record Search

A majority of criminal records are kept at the county level, which is why a county criminal records search is essential to any criminal record background check. Clarifacts offers criminal research in every county throughout the United States.

Most counties provide felony, misdemeanor and criminal traffic offense information. County criminal record search reports from Clarifacts include a case number, date of offense, filing date, charge(s), the type of charge and the outcome. Best of all, Clarifacts criminal records reports are easy to read – giving you the details you need at a glance.

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Federal Criminal Record Search

While many criminal records are held at the county level, a federal criminal record search screens your applicants for crimes that fall outside state or local jurisdictions. For example, a federal criminal record search can uncover an applicant convicted of a federal crime such as bank robbery, embezzlement and kidnapping. For these searches, Clarifacts offers criminal research in all 94 Federal Districts.

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USA Criminal Database Search

Expand the geographic coverage area of your criminal background search beyond the county level with a USA Criminal Database search, which contains millions of records compiled from multiple jurisdictions in all 50 states. This database contains records from departments of correction, state court administrations, prison parole and release files and probation records, among others. Clarifacts then investigates possible records from the original source, giving you the most accurate, up-to-date information.

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Sex Offender Registry Search

Discover if your applicant appears on a sex offender registry. Clarifacts searches a national database that contains sex offender registry data from all 50 states. Should a record be found, we then investigate further information from the original source.

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Social Security Trace

The cornerstone of every employment criminal record background check, SSN traces provide critical information needed to conduct thorough criminal background checks. This includes finding current and previous addresses and identifying any other names the applicant may have used – essential for researching criminal history. This information is then utilized to set a roadmap for performing more comprehensive criminal record checks.

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Quite simply, Clarifacts is a company that cares about your business. Our criminal history background checks are both thorough and quick, saving you hours of time and hassle. And if you need us, our US-based team is just a phone call away.

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