Motor Vehicle Report

Motor Vehicle Reports

Motor vehicle crashes cost employers billions of dollars annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity. These crashes can increase the cost of benefits including workers’ compensation, Social Security, and private health and disability insurance. Whether your employees are driving a company vehicle or their personal vehicle for business purposes, a motor vehicle report (MVR) can minimize your exposure to a lawsuit due to an accident.

Clarifacts Has Your Back

Reduce your liability.

Minimize your exposure to a lawsuit in the event that an employee gets into an accident while on the job.

Stay compliant.

Comply with industry regulations and rules specific to your organization for positions with driving responsibilities.

Make informed hiring decisions.

Get all the facts so you can hire the best candidates.

Check Applicant History
Behind the Wheel

Clarifacts verifies the validity of an applicant’s driver’s license including type of license, uncovering violations, suspensions and revocations, and restrictions, if any. Motor vehicle reports from Clarifacts are available in all 50 states and should be reviewed periodically to ensure the employee maintains a valid license and good driving record.

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We’re Invested in Your Business

Quite simply, Clarifacts is a company that cares about your business. Our driving record reports are both thorough and quick, saving you hours of time and hassle. And if you need us, our US-based team is just a phone call away.

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