Background Checks for the
Tech Industry

Whether your company develops software, repairs hardware or supports global data networks, employees likely have access to intellectual property and sensitive client information. Clarifacts can help you find trusted employees with a comprehensive pre-employment background check program designed for the competitive information technology market.

See why tech companies from national EdTech to international SaaS organizations to global engineering firms rely on our team to screen theirs.

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We Understand the Tech Industry

Hire and onboard candidates quickly.

Timing is everything. Get fast, accurate background checks so you can fill in-demand roles quickly.

Protect access to information.

With proprietary and sensitive data at stake, it’s critical to find people you can trust.

Validate education and credentials.

Confirm candidates have the requisite education and certifications to perform their duties.

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Flexible Screening Programs By Position

Clarifacts will work with your company to understand your unique needs and put a customized background screening program in place, reducing your risk of exposure and ensuring compliance with regulations and security protocols.

Your screening program will be customized by position, with most programs including:

  • SSN Trace
  • Criminal Searches
  • Verifications
  • Civil Record Search
  • OFAC SDN List Search

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Working with Clarifacts

Clarifacts works with you like a true partner, adjusting quickly as needs change and providing insightful guidance along the way. Even better, our SecureConnect platform easily integrates with many of the most common applicant tracking systems. And if you need us, our US-based team is just a phone call away.

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