Education Verification

Why should I verify education for my candidate when my candidate supplies me with a copy of their diploma?

Educational history may be the most commonly falsified information on an application or resume. Some estimates place the incidence of resumes containing erroneous education information as high as 30 percent. Clearly, employers should be extremely cautious. At Clarifacts, we do not recommend accepting copies of a degree from candidates as proof of their graduation given that it can simply be a clever forgery paid for by the applicant.

This forgery paid for by the applicant is known as a diploma mill. Diploma mills are fake schools that offer students a degree in exchange for money, with little or no academic work completed. Diploma mills sell degrees and transcripts, from legitimate colleges and universities, by forging documents that look authentic. Education verifications confirm an applicant’s academic history — dates of attendance, major course of study, diploma/degree received and date awarded.

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