Why Trust Clarifacts

We are guided by our values.

Clarifacts is a privately held company approaching almost two decades in business. Because we are not venture-capital funded, Clarifacts isn’t beholden to shareholders for a return on investment, but instead is focused on delivering great service and the best value for your background screening dollar.

Our experienced team is a close-knit group of people who carefully balance big company capabilities with the personal touch of a small business. As such, we are guided by our values. And, although not perfect, we truly strive to have our decisions and actions reflect these values.

While not always easy, we know that our unwillingness to compromise on these values has cost us new business and even the loss of some clients. because we would not provide a service or process that did not serve the client and/or applicant well. It’s just how we do business.

Here is some insight into those values and what they mean to us.

Helpfulness – having a genuinely friendly demeanor while willingly being of service to others.

This means no fake stuff. People see through that and it’s annoying. It also erodes trust and confidence.

It also means we actively look for ways to help others and we say “yes” unless it’s an unreasonable or unlawful request (but only if we can deliver).

And it means wanting to be a giver but also knowing how to receive with gratitude and appreciation.

Integrity – earning trust through honesty, fairness, confidentiality, and lawfulness in all our dealings.

This means doing what’s right when nobody is watching or wouldn’t ever find out.

It means telling the truth, even if it’s hard or not what someone wants to hear. At Clarifacts, we try not to come off as harsh, but we want to make sure to be clear, concise and direct.

This means not taking advantage of someone or a situation even when we might have the upper hand.

It means getting the work right. For example, being completely accurate on a background check. While we don’t make hiring decisions, getting the work correct is fair to both the employer and the applicant.

This means that if it’s not legal, we don’t do it.

Continuous Improvement – advancing our products and services; our processes and procedures and; our personal and professional development.

We are always looking to better our sources, including vendors and researchers.

This means creating or revising a way of doing things that would improve results, such as accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness, etc.

It means expanding our knowledge by reading, listening, watching and participating in educational materials or programs.

We are always learning, always growing professionally and personally. From getting better at writing, public speaking or computer programs…to learning how to make a bad ass spinach-artichoke dip.

Diligence – being careful and persistent in our work or effort.

This means taking the appropriate amount of time to make sure our work is done right…double or triple checking if necessary.

It means we keep plugging away, especially when things get hard.

And we are committed to finding answers and coming up with solutions, even when they’re not so obvious.

Consistency – demonstrating a steadiness of temperament and excellent job performance.

This means no “who will we get today?” personalities. People who do well as Clarifacts team members are pretty easygoing personalities. We don’t do drama.

It also means that day in day out; week in week out; month in month out, we are maintaining an elevated level of performance.

Does Clarifacts sounds like a company you want to work with? Let’s Get Started.