Employment Screening FAQs

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We pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate the questions that inevitably arise during the employee background check process. Check out the answers to some of our employment screening frequently asked questions, or give us a call for more personal help – we’re happy to discuss anything from adverse action to warrants.

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What is the liability associated with not screening employees?
Can pre-employment screening be considered discriminatory?
After reviewing the results of my candidate’s background check I have decided that I am not going to hire them. Now what?
How long do I have to give the applicant to dispute the information found in their background check?
What are EEOC “Green Factors”?
What is the difference between disparate impact and disparate treatment?
What steps do I take to make sure our background checks are FCRA compliant?

Criminal Records

Why should I use a social security trace?
What’s the turnaround time for criminal record searches?

Credit Reports

Should I run a credit report on all of our applicants?
Can I choose not to hire an applicant based on his/her credit report?
Is a credit score provided when you run a pre-employment credit report?

Verification and Reference

Why should I verify education for my candidate when my candidate supplies me with a copy of their diploma?
What is a “diploma mill”?
How do you verify a GED?
What is the difference between an employment verification and a reference interview?
What’s the turnaround time for an employment verification?
What’s the turnaround time for an education verification?

Driving Records

Will a DUI show up on a driving record report?


What services should we include in our employee background check program?
Does your background screening company provide services nationwide?
How long does it normally take to get reports?