Industry Solutions

Get the specialized, industry-specific background screening services your organization needs.

Many organizations require industry specific background screening services and verifications for a variety of reasons. Whether you need to follow strict insurance requirements, comply with state and federal regulations, or simply utilize a service relevant to your business, Clarifacts can help you design an industry specific background screening program to meet your needs.

Learn more about our expertise in each of the markets below:


Verify advanced degrees, protect sensitive patient information and help protect vulnerable patients with our specialized healthcare screening services. Learn more »


Ensure your employees and volunteers are best suited to serve your clientele and the broader community, thus protecting your reputation. Learn more »


Protect highly sensitive data and uphold increasingly strict regulations with the right screening services designed for your financial positions. Learn more »

Information Technology

Quickly fill highly technical positions, and those with access to sensitive data, with qualified candidates. Learn more »

If you need specialty screening expertise, contact us. We’ll design a background screening program that is just right for you.