Identity and Credit

Create a comprehensive employment background check.

Whether you are looking to confirm your candidate’s true identity, discover his or her personal financial management patterns, or verify legal worker status, identity and credit screening services from Clarifacts can help you achieve a more thorough and legally compliant employment background check.

Social Security Trace

A social security number trace is the cornerstone of every employment criminal background check. Social security number traces provide us with the in-depth information needed to conduct thorough criminal background checks. This includes finding current and previous addresses and identifying any other names the applicant may have used, which are essential for researching criminal history. We then utilize this information to perform more valuable, in-depth criminal record checks.

Employment Credit Report

Credit history reports provide a profile of your applicant’s personal financial management history – including indebtedness, payment history and public record information such as tax liens, judgments and bankruptcies. Inquiries are reported as for “employment purposes” and are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Electronic Form I-9 Compliance

Go completely paperless by utilizing a click-to-sign electronic signature solution to electronically sign the eForm I-9, which also includes the ability to scan related documents. This electronic solution can:

  • Store and retrieve active and inactive I-9 Forms, providing secure paperless access for updating, re-verification and governmental inspection as dictated by law.
  • Send you automated alerts 90, 60 and 30 days in advance of the expiration of employees’ work authorization documents.
  • Enable employees to apply for renewal of their work authorizations and greatly increase the probability that they can legally continue to work without interruption.


Confirm the legal “right to work” status of newly hired employees via a proprietary software integration with the federal government’s Employment Verification Program (EVP). Using this system, you can electronically verify the accuracy of an employee’s Social Security number, Immigration “A” number or I-94 arrival/departure number through Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) databases.

If you are ready to implement an efficient Form I-9 program with total accuracy, contact us today.