About Us

A different kind of background screening company.

Clarifacts was founded to help clients make informed human resource decisions to protect their assets, their brand, their employees, those they serve and the broader public. We fulfill this purpose through services including background screening, volunteer background checks and employment drug testing…and we have pretty strong ideas on how to do it well.

We can give you all of the typical information about Clarifacts, including when we started (2001) and where we are headquartered (Phoenix, AZ), but what we really want you to know about us is why you would choose us as your background screening provider over our competitors.

It’s simple really – we make background screening easy. Clarifacts combines an intuitive platform, backed by helpful support, to deliver the quick and accurate background screening results you need.

Easy-to-Use Platform

With the Clarifacts SecureConnect platform, clients can easily place orders, check status, retrieve results and run management reports 24/7/365, from the convenience of a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Clarifacts SecureConnect is an all-in-one background check, drug testing, electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify and compliance assistance platform that is easy to use, allowing you to consolidate your various needs on a single log-in system.

You can design the Clarifacts SecureConnect platform to meet your needs and fit seamlessly with your screening program. These extensive configuration options help you save time and money, all while creating a smooth and nimble user experience for your team and applicants.

Visit our technology page to learn more.

Friendly, Helpful Support

Our friendly Clarifacts client support team is responsive, often answering questions and resolving issues immediately or within a few minutes or hours. Clarifacts clients are assigned a helpful, dedicated account manager from day one – so you always know exactly who to contact with questions. Even better, you will interact with a consistent, experienced staff – not a revolving door of new faces.

Fast Turnaround Time

We get it, you need to reduce your time-to-hire and fill positions quickly. Applicants waiting in limbo for a start date is a giant waste of time and money.

Clarifacts prides itself on our fast turnaround times, with most reports completed in 24 – 48 hours (oftentimes sooner…some even instantly).

Our extensive researcher and vendor integrations, system efficiencies and concurrent workflow processes ensure your background checks are completed quickly and accurately.

Accurate Information

Speed is important, but if the information isn’t accurate…that’s a problem. Compliance issues, ill-informed decision making and unfairness to the applicant are all unwanted consequences of a crappy background check report.

Along with our standard operating procedures and quality assurance practices, Clarifacts utilizes primary sources of data, providing complete, accurate and up-to-date information…giving you the confidence needed to make informed hiring decisions.

Does Clarifacts sound like a company you want to work with? Let’s Get Started.