Background Checks

Background Check Services

Background checks can help protect your employees, customers and the general public…and don’t forget about your company’s assets and reputation (we’ve all seen how bad news stories can do real damage).

With Clarifacts’ background check services, you can look into your applicant’s criminal history, verify employment, education and professional licenses, obtain their driving record, and more.

No matter which background check services you choose, Clarifacts provides quick and accurate reports you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Our employee, contractor and volunteer background check services include:

Criminal Records

Get the facts with a county, state or federal criminal record search, a sex offender registry search and USA criminal database search.
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Verification and Reference

Verify employment history, education, certifications and discover valuable information in reference interviews.
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Credit Reports

Reveal characteristics about your applicant’s financial management capabilities, behavioral patterns and attitude toward finances.
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Social Security Trace

A social security number trace is the cornerstone of a comprehensive criminal background check.
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Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Whether employees are driving a company vehicle or their personal vehicle for business purposes, an MVR can minimize your exposure to a lawsuit due to an accident.
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Industry/Position Specific

OIG exclusion and OFAC SDN list searches, and other position-specific services, help you get a clear picture of your candidate.
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Learn which background check services meet your organization’s screening needs – contact us today.