Publication Date: July 07, 2016

A former county human resources director in Pennsylvania resigned from his job after just three weeks when it was found that he had lied on his resume. The former employee had stated on his resume that he worked at a nursing and rehabilitation center from 2003 to 2016, when he actually worked at a hospital during part of the time. He omitted the position at the hospital from his resume because he was a defendant in a lawsuit when he was a human resources director there. The employee had only actually worked at the nursing and rehab center from November 2007 until March 2009.

The former employee stated he wasn’t trying to hide the lawsuit but that he had lost his employment. He felt that if he said he was terminated, it wouldn’t look good on his resume. He admits he made a bad decision and that he was wrong for lying.

The former employee’s resignation came after the county officials looked into his employment history and found discrepancies.

An employment verification was done, but the former employee convinced his friend to pose as a representative from the nursing and rehab center, so when the county human resources department contacted him, he lied and portrayed himself as being an employee and gave the dates that he was told to give.

You should always verify the phone number of the employer. It’s best to research and look up the corporate phone number so you know you’re speaking to someone who actually works at the company. (Since this incident, the administration has updated its protocol on employment verifications to contact the company directly through their main corporate number.)

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