Verification & Reference

Ensure applicant information is accurate with an employment verification background check.

Validate the information provided by candidates with employment verification background check and reference services from Clarifacts. Not only do our verification services reveal inaccurate applicant-supplied data, they can also provide you with additional details vital to determining your candidate’s actual skill set and experience.

The quality and depth of information gathered during an employment verification background check or reference interview is directly related to the individual conducting the inquiries – and at Clarifacts, we ensure each team member is extremely persistent. This diligence and follow-through allows us to uncover background check employment history that is truly valuable to you during the hiring process.

Employment Verification

Look for unexplained gaps or undesirable patterns in your applicant’s work history. Clarifacts verifies present and/or previous employment, including dates of employment, position held, ending pay rate, reason for leaving and eligibility for re-hire (where available).

Education Verification

Clarifacts’ education verification services help you confirm an applicant’s academic history, including dates of attendance, major course of study, diploma/degree received and date awarded. Education verification services include GEDs, high school diplomas and college degrees.

Professional License/Certification Verification

Make sure your applicant has the required credentials. Clarifacts verifies the validity of your applicant’s professional license/certification including the issue date, current status and disciplinary actions or restrictions, if any.

Reference Interview

Our well-trained interviewers will contact your applicant’s professional references to obtain an assessment of his or her character, capabilities and work record. Clarifacts can customize the interview to use the same questions you would ask a reference, or you can use our standard questions.

Should you get an employment verification or reference interview on your applicant? What’s a diploma mill? Should I verify education with a copy of my applicant’s diploma? Get the answers to these FAQs here.

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