Industry and Position Specific Searches

Go beyond the basics with industry specific searches.

Depending upon your industry, the position you are filling, or regulatory requirements, your background screening needs may go beyond criminal background checks and employee verification services.

Whatever your specific requirements, Clarifacts can help. We offer a wide range of industry and position specific searches, designed to complement basic background checks, and provide you with a truly comprehensive review of your applicant.

Driving Record History (MVR)

Whether employees are driving a company vehicle or their personal vehicle for business purposes, a driving record history can minimize your exposure to a lawsuit due to an accident. We verify the validity of an applicant’s driver’s license including violations, suspensions and revocations, type of license and restrictions, if any. Driving record reports are available in all 50 states.

Will a DUI show up on a driving recording report? Get the answer to this FAQ.

County Civil Record Search

A county civil record search will help you determine if an applicant has appeared as a plaintiff or defendant in a civil action. Civil record search reports include the type of case, style of case, case number, filing date, disposition date, disposition and the amount. Clarifacts offers civil record research in every county throughout the United States.

Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Exclusion List Search

This report identifies individuals and entities excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and other federal healthcare programs. The information verified includes name, specialty, exclusion type, and date of exclusion.

Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS)

This search identifies individuals or entities prohibited from participating in government programs, as well as information on fraud abuse specific to the healthcare industry. The FACIS database, which consists of more than 400,000 records of sanctioned healthcare providers, is compiled from over 800 government agencies including the DHHS OIG, State Medicaid Fraud Control Units, Licensing/Disciplinary Agencies, DEA, FDA and GSA.

OFAC SDN List Search

Discover whether an applicant is on the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) list, which includes known terrorists, terrorist supporters, international narcotics traffickers and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

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