Drug Testing

Streamline employment drug testing for a fast, reliable process.

Whether you operate in one location or in all 50 states, Clarifacts can help you manage the entire employment drug testing process, and integrate it seamlessly into your pre-hire screening program.

We partner with leading labs to offer a wide array of drug testing services including urine, oral fluid and hair testing, with DOT testing also available. Your employees and candidates can quickly and easily provide a sample at one of more than 20,000 collection sites across the United States.

And with electronic chain of custody forms, donor tracking, collection site mapping, scheduling and billing just a click away, Clarifacts can streamline and automate the entire process for you.

As a single, trusted point of contact, Clarifacts can help ensure your drug testing program is consistent from coast-to-coast, without having to piece together multiple vendors – we take care of it for you!

Find out how easy it is to integrate employment drug testing into your pre-hire screening services. Contact us today.